Abvacious Vibe

Your Creative bliss series

Featured in The Healing Power of The Arts!

From Aug, 12 To Dec 12. 2015


Abby 's artwork as been honored for The (IGOA) Gallery 2017  June 15, to August 15 Spotlight" Solo"Art Exhibition.

Abby’s artwork has been recognized by The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery as an SR Artist (Special Recognition Artists ) for both the 7th Annual “Figurative” Exhibition & “Animals” Art Competition 2017.

Abby's How to free your self through

Abvacious  Update!

Body Mind Spirit Guide

Updates for 2015

Soon to be: incorporating DAZ 3D rendering into Abby's services.

Abby has been acknowledged by The Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery for June 2017
The Portrait & Self Portrait “Noteworthy" category


Abby's Transcendence series

Updates for 2017





         Abby will be updating:

         her gallery frequently, so 

         please feel free to check

         back for her latest work.


Abby Lippitt, Is an extremely 
talented and gifted artist with a vibrant, vivacious," Abvacious", unique style all her own.

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Abby will be Adding To her online gallery portfolio:

1. Abby's portrait series

2. A sexy ninja team

3. A very hot, green, super hero

4. A fluffy, adorable, magical, mascot

5  A cute, kitty cosplay girl

6. More to come soon!

  • Realistic portrait paintings
  • "Abby Stylized" Abvacious portrait paintings
  • Anime style portrait paintings
  • Cosplay portrait paintings
  • Character design and conception

About Abby

Abby’s Services

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Digitally hand-rendered psychometric &  mediumistic art prints for commission.

Conceptual design for animation media.