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On a more personal level, Abby's artwork is the result of her life's journey of freeing herself from the bonds of hardships & incapacities to becoming a fully actualized individual. Abby was born with severe genetic learning disabilities that were unfortunately compounded from years of misunderstanding and abuse. As a result, it made everyday living a difficult task. It's from living with her impairments that she began to wish for a better way of life, which led Abby to her lifelong personal study of both art and metaphysics.

All the bases of Abby's creative works are based on sharing the knowledge that she has gained during her studies. To help in enriching the lives of others as it has enhanced her own, With the ultimate goal of transforming & creating better lives for all.


Abvacious  is       


  Abby Lippitt's artwork is considered to be  transformative  art,  for her exquisite works are truly transformative. She takes the form of the portraiture /caricatures and combines it with her love of the medium of animation and her passion for metaphysics, turns into vehicle for life enhancement, spiritual growth, enlightenment, and self- exploration, all leading to her ultimate goal of global Enrichment and upliftment.

Abby Regards her art along with animation, to be the medium to express her theorems and studies on the nature of reality, as well as the potentiality of humanity. She postulates animation to be the perfect metaphor for life in association with the Vedic maxim "As above so below: as is the atom, so is the universe. As is the microcosm". so is the macrocosm".

Thus, whatever happens on any level of reality also happens on every other level. 
So if it can be thought of, emotionally felt and tangible, it can be made manifest and is manifested on some level.

Animation's definition in the Webster dictionary is, "the state of being animate or animated: A lively or excited quality. Walt Disney defines animation as "The illusion of life" For Abby there is no difference between the illusion and the reality, for the mind perceives them being one and the same, for if it can be felt and perceived, it exists on one of the planes of reality, and if exists on the more subtle levels of reality, then it can and does ,exists on the more denser levels of realty as well. Combine her theories with the true science backing up with metaphysical principles, and that is the crux of Abby's work. Ultimately, this means for Abby that all is possible! or specifically for her, all good things are possible, that we can and do create our lives around us so that being so, she believes and says "Let's all create , animate and transform our reality into the best reality possible for ourselves and our world."