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"Amazing Abby's beautiful artwork has set a new precedence in the energy art field. Her exquisite paintings exude powerful healing vibrancy. Her portraitures are so lively, they feel as if they can just walk right out of the canvas! Truly breathtaking!"

Dr. Mujtaba Zahoor N.D., N.M.D., C.M. Ht


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"Abby Lippitt’s artwork gives new meaning to the term “one of a kind” it is transcendent and multidimensional, bridging the physical and metaphysical aspects of reality.  Her images encompass the physical, emotional, and spiritual qualities of each subject, bringing them to life.  She is truly a gifted artist, on the leading edge of digital imagery /art."

Saraina Hancock, MA


Company Profile

Abvacious Vibe


Founded: 2013

Owner: Abby Lippitt

Art Education: Rhode Island School Of Design & The University Of The Arts,
BFA in the Fine Arts, Minor in Film and Animation.

Certified in Theta Healing




What Clients Say About Abby

Gorgeous, vibrant, color! Intense, high, vivacious energy! Beautiful, elegant, provocative characters! Sophisticated, design and composition are adjectives that best describe Abby's work and personal vision.


  Abby Lippitt, Is an extremely talented, gifted & intuitive artist with a vibrant, vivacious, "Abvacious", unique style all her own.
Abby has been practicing and studying art & metaphysics since she was a child. Inspired by animation and driven with the desire to express her love of the sadly underrated art medium in all its forms. It is her sincere wish that the rest of the world comes to appreciate the sophistication & beauty held within the heart of the animation genre as she does.

Abby's Design Methodology

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