About this painting 
This panting is one of many from my True Love series. This painting depicts themes of love in particular communion, soul connection, and true love. This is shown by both composition and symbolism.
The love theme is expressed by a loving couple holding rapport in communion with each other by staring into each other's eyes, staring into each others soul. They are represented by sharing a warm, happy, elated bond that they are together. The couple is also sharing their love for each other by holding hands conveying true love is linked, bonded together and cannot easily be separated. Together with their foreheads touching and hand holding their composition itself forms the shape of a heart.
The love theme continues throughout the painting represented by utilizing symbols that relate to love such as
hearts, pinks and reds, sterling silver & diamonds.
The heart's a symbol that represents the center of emotion, affection, and love.
Pink is the color of nurturing, compassion and love.
Red is the color of passion, sexuality, and pure, true love.
Silver represents permanents and a keepsake. It is the gift that is given on the 25th anniversary.
Diamonds represent faithfulness and love purity.
The couple rendered themselves seen by their designating hair color as an archetype of the embodiment of love endowed with the qualities of the color they represent in both feminine and masculine forms.
Lastly, the painting has a retro vintage quality representing love is timeless and eternal.

Abvacious Vibe

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Vol 2. LOVE

True Love  For GRAFOLIO