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I created this painting out of my desire to integrate both my portraits and my spiritual works.This piece depicts a woman having transcended spiritual experience, a 'Kundalini Awakening.'  Kundalini is Sanskrit for "coiled one." It is referring to the primal energy stored at the base of the spine, that rises through the Chakras (' Wheel, Energy' node in the subtle bodies)to the Crown Chakra Sahasrara (Thousand-Petaled") during spiritual awakening.  I have chosen to capture the moment of the Sahasrara opening and expanding outwards, and the effects on the bodies, represented by the hair flowing outwards, mimicking the chakra's flower petals.  At the same time, the streaming hair represents 'Same as above as below'  as the subtle bodies expand outwards,  so does the physical body; which is also connected to 'All That Is. .The black and white component of my painting represents the everyday 'world conscious'.  Regarding brain wave frequencies, this is 'Beta State.' The color pink represents  higher levels of consciousness,  those more associated with higher Source frequency ex-The 'Theta State.'  The pink is also very personal to me. It symbolizes the thought process of creation,  combining the higher and lower chakras in heart coherence. This painting can also be seen as a continuation of my transcendent series,  where the human body is a  reflection of the Universe a Mandala.

Abby has added her Manifestation painting series to her art gallery. Abby's Manifestation paintings were designed to utilize and amplify the energy vibrations contained within symbology, color, and connection to high self to help bring to you, that which you desire.



 Manifestation series

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Transcendence series

 Abby has added her Transcendence painting series to her art gallery. Abby's  Transcendence paintings were designed to enhance alignment with high self  through color, light, love & vibration. Her unique compositions help entice spiritual awakening to enhance alignment with source consciousness.

This series was born out of my desire to help others reach 'Source Consciousness'.  Each piece in the series is a mandala to be used as a tool for meditation. The repeating pattern throughout the series  represents  the 'Bindu', the center point of creation.