Abvacious Vibe

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     Abby chose the name "Abvacious  Vibe" as an expression of the vibrant and vivacious energy she channels into her work.  Abby is a unique artist, in that she is also a medium.  When she is working on her art, she moves into a trance-like state by using deep, yogic, belly breaths. In this heightened vibrational state of awareness, she is able to capture the life/soul energy of these characters she renders.  Abby accesses the collective universal field where the vibration of love exists from all the people who share a common passion & love for animation and fictional media.
Abby feels, in a sense, that these characters come alive by the fans collective love for and belief in them.  She channels the essence of this energy into her work, which is most apparent in the character's eyes.
Hence her name: Ab for Abby - vacious for vivacious, vibrant, lively and animated.  Vibe for vibration.
    When Abby renders realistic portraits, she utilizes the same trance- state to capture a small part of her client’s soul energy.  She “reads” the subject’s energy through their photo reference by a technique called psychometry.  Abby works on multi dimensional levels, accessing, and including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of each individual she paints.

   When Abby renders cosplay portraits, she once more uses psychometry to capture her client soul energy. However, in the case of cosplay, she combines both the energy from her client and the energy of the fictional character they represent, into a cohesive whole, so that in her portrait rendering is a fusion of both life/soul Energies.

Abby's Design Methodology