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 " A blossoming talent! This self- portrait shows, not only talent and style, but life through the eyes, which is very hard to capture for most. If I had that kind of talent, I would be painting a lot more. This only makes me admire more, of the people who do things that I can't. I REEEEEALLLLLY enjoy looking at this! This is a case of showing inner beauty as well as the outer beauty. Keep sharing this talent to the world, Abby."

-Preston Skylar Owens

“I, being an artist myself, as well as being associated with many artists, can testify that Abby has a very unique style which is eye catching and aesthetically pleasing to the senses.  The characters she creates give off a real personality as if they have life of their own.  I would definitely recommend Abby to anyone who is looking for distinctive and elegant design.”
-Sam Weinstein