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Abby desires for you to have your most beloved dreams come true. She has created her Manifestation paintings series to help you focus your High Self -awareness along with your intention on the quality you wish to have more of in your life. The purpose is to feel positive about your desired wish transpiring. Abby uses the energy vibration contained within symbology & color to help bring to you that which you desire.

Abby's Manifestation paintings

Abby Transcendence & Manifestation paintings philosophy Manifesto

Abby's “painted visions” are the manifestations of real transcended experiences she has had in her life since childhood. It is Abby’s desire to impart her experience with you to help enhance your quality of being.

Abby’s Transcended visions

Abby wishes to share with you her expansive connection with source consciousness via her lovely visions of transcended awareness depicted in her exquisite paintings.  Her paintings are intricately composed with color, light, love & vibration to enhance alignment with source consciousness.Abby has created these lovely works with the intention of enticing spiritual awakening and connection with high self.  Abby’s compositions are designed to lift your emotional state and invoke well-being to bring you into harmony with all you desire.

 Transcendence paintings

 Abby's Abvacious