Abvacious Vibe

Abby's sample  of

Abvacious Digi       Bling


Abby has made for herself  &  an 

example  of what she can create for you!

Abby offers your choice of 10 icons
Based on your photos you provide or 10 icons based on the things, symbols or characters you love either stand-alone, photographic representation or your choice of
Abvacious or Abchibious style.
Abby also offers the opportunity to add a complementary  wallpaper the perfect accent for your
Abvacious  Digi Bling Charms

  Abby Is happy to announce she is adding one of her very favorite pastimes to her creative services: custom-made icons and complementary wallpaper for your desktop personal, Individual needs.
Abby can take any image or photo you give her and turn it into your personal good luck charm (or charms) for your computer's desktop or
mobile device.
Abby,  would create, for you, beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of art with your images, or she can use your photo  and turn them into amazing, stand alone icons charms.

Abby's Abvacious Digi        Bing Charms  Philosophy


Digi     Bling Charms